New Harmony Spiritualist Church

Our Board Members

President:            J. Mark Simmons

V.President:         Shirley VanMeter

Secretary:            Susie Shollenberger

Treasurer:            Donna Kimbell

Trustees:             Yolanda DeLap

                           Christine VanDeKerckhove

                           Lyle Stratton

Ordained Minister, NSAC:       William Buchholz, jr

Lay Minister, NSAC:               Janie Stratton

Our First Thanksgiving 11/24/2013


New Harmony Spiritualist Church

1227 Jersey Ridge Road

Davenport, IA 52803

Call Yolanda @ 563-210-8209

Our Services Begin @ 4:30pm EVERY Sunday

Fellowship follows the Service

Please call Yolanda for more info @ 563-210-8209

Our Last Sunday of each Month is "All Message Service". Anyone who is developing their Mediumship/Psychic abilities is welcome to give Readings to the Congregation.

We, also, have a POTLUCK after our Sunday Services. You are welcome to bring a dish to share during the LAST SUNDAY of every month.